Split Camera Apps

By | July 6, 2021

Ever clicked a photo to make something appear like the two sides of a coin in the same picture? Well, we have Split Camera apps for that. A typical split camera app gives you a split screen view while clicking a snap. In that split screen view, you can see the subject from two different angles and then stitches them into a single image when you finally hit the capture button.

We all look to make our photos unique with extra effects added to them over the available photo editing means. The split camera app for Android allows people to capture subjects from diverse angles in a great way. Split camera app allows the people to capture as well as stitch them together for a great image.

Let’s see some of the best Split Camera Android apps that can be useful to capture the images from different angles and stitch together.

Access Split Camera to click a single picture of a person split into multiple avatars. You can use the camera app for clicking the picture of an individual and person in diverse postures in a single photograph. There are about 2 to 4 split views available for the people to make the photo perfect in all terms as well as aspects.

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