These Signals Will Tell Whether Your Phone is Hacked or Not

By | December 20, 2019

In this era of technology, everyone uses smartphones. These devices store information such as important documents, photographs and bank account numbers of people. But many times it happens that smartphones get hacked, which leaks personal information of people. However, most people do not even know about it. So today we can tell you about those five signs, by which you will be able to know that someone has tried to hack your mobile. So let’s know about these five signs.

Phone battery draining fast If your smartphone’s batteries are running fast for several days, then it can be assumed that your device has a virus or spy app installed. These apps transfer the data required by the existing resources in your device to your server, which affects the battery.

Unknown SMS Many times it happens that you get a message from an unknown number when the phone is hacked, or the message from your phone automatically reaches your family members including your friends. So in this case it can be assumed that the work is of hackers. If you want to avoid this, do not forget to open the link given in these messages and delete the message immediately. This may not hack your phone.

You must have noticed that the smartphone is overheated that often your phone gets hot on the go. Apart from this, US experts believe that the phone gets heated due to running apps with viruses in the background of the phone. With this, these apps work continuously and transfer users’ data to their servers.

The speed of the smartphone decreases due to the speed virus or malicious app of the smartphone. These apps affect the capacity and data of your device. If you want to prevent your device from getting hacked, keep updating the operating system periodically. This will prevent hackers from hacking your phone.

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