Samsung launches Selfie Type

By | January 9, 2020

Samsung introduced self-type technology at the tech program CES 2020. With the help of this technology, you will be able to remove your keyboard completely. This unique Samsung technology can transform any surface into a keyboard. The company has also shared a video related to selfie type technology. According to the report, this selfie-type keyboard currently supports only the English language.

Samsung launches Selfie Type

This Samsung invisible keyboard uses the phone’s Galaxy Selfie Camera Plus AI. With this, the camera tracks the movement of the user’s hands, so that you will be able to use invisible keyboard. For this, you can use any surface as a keyboard. The way to use it is quite easy.

Let me tell you that to use it you have to keep your phone in vertical position. Then you can start typing. If you use Galaxy Fold, then you can use any surface as a keyboard by placing it in el shape. A user on the Samsung Community Forum has written in his post Selfie Type is a technology, which uses the front camera and AI to analyze fingers and can type without physical buttons.

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