How to Active Dark Mode on Whatsapp

By | January 26, 2020

As soon as you turn on this feature, its home screen and settings menu also becomes dark color.

Although the background color within the WhatsApp chat will remain white or selected by the users, but with this mode turned on, the chat bubble will become dark colored.

Friends, although WhatsApp has released the feature of Dark Mode so far only for son users but it is not yet confirmed when this feature will be released for normal WhatsApp.

But it is so confirmed after coming on son version that this feature can be released to all users soon.

Son users can get the feature of Whatsapp dark mode by updating the Google Play Store. If you are a son user but still this update is not available on the Play Store, then you can also download from APKMirror.

Friends, you should keep in mind that when you delete WhatsApp, you must first backup the chat.

How to turn on dark mode feature in whatsapp

Let us explain how you can start the Dark Mode feature in your WhatsApp.

To start the Dark Mode feature, first of all you should update the WhatsApp son app through Google Play Store or download or install it from the link mentioned above.
Now after opening the app, click on the three dots on the top left, then go to Settings.
After this you have to do OK on the chat option and click on ‘Theme’.

On clicking, you will see three options, of which you have to select the ‘Dark’ option and then click on OK.

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